The first step in my jigsaw puzzle production process is to search the world for images rich in color, composition, perspective, passion, and hutzpah. Once I find or create an image, I produce a Giclee print of it with archival ink on archival paper using a state-of-the-art, wide-format printer. I dry-mount it onto five-ply, Finland-grade Birch, and laminate it for UV, fingerprint, and moisture protection with a laminate that also makes the image shimmer in the sun. I then cut it into hundreds of tricky pieces using a high-end scroll saw and dozens of very thin saw blades that break every ten minutes or so. Finally, the puzzle is assembled, the back is sanded and branded with the Berkshire Puzzle Co. name, and it is packaged with tissue paper and a title sticker that gives an indication of the size and difficulty of the puzzle.

I cut in various styles, all of which are free-form and spontaneous. Color lines are always a major design factor, but other factors such as cut style, spacing, and interestingness of the pieces have a strong impact in the cut choices as well. I try to make each puzzle a clever, cohesive collective of individually interesting, attractive pieces. I am particular about the figurals I include in our puzzles, as their wonderful, endearing element is offset by the greater ease in the assembly of the puzzle. In general, I choose the figurals I cut in puzzles to match the puzzle's primary theme, and I include zero or one figurals in the 8"x8" puzzles, two in the 10"x10"s and up to four in the 12"x12"s.

In addition to the Gallery Puzzles, I offer custom puzzle cutting. I will do any necessary post-production work on your digital photograph or image using Aperature or Photoshop and cut it into a puzzle. You can request specific figurals in your puzzle for special occasions, such as a bride and groom ballroom-dancing for a wedding puzzle, hearts for a Valentine's Day puzzle, or different types of dogs, leaves, birds, farm animals, wild animals, etc., for an everyday puzzle. Keep in mind that each figural makes the puzzle much easier to put together.

You can find out more about our Gallery and Custom Puzzles at our Puzzle Store.

Safari Theme Figurals in Tiger Eye Puzzle:

Safari Animal Figural Pieces

Close Up of Puzzle Pieces

Close Up of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Berkshire Puzzle Co. Box

Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Figural of a Boy Fishing:

Figural of Boy Fishing



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